D6 Connected 2.0 update for families—September 2, 2020

D6 Connected and the YMCA partner for childcare at five elementary sites
D6 and the YMCA have partnered to provide D6 families childcare in a “micro-school” environment at each of our elementary schools, with D6 staff.   Costs range from $135 per week per child to $0 per week per child.  Please look over this flier for more information about the program and costs.  If you need childcare and cannot afford to pay, please contact Amy Shipley (amy.shipley@district6.org) or 541-494-6202.

Kid-Time community micro-schools for childcare and learning supports at Scenic
Additional childcare in a micro-school environment will be offered at Scenic Middle School.

Free meals for kids 18 years old and younger will continue through December 31
Yay!  Our school sites will continue to offer free meals and the D6 Express begins Tuesday, September 8th—see the scheduled stops here.  Schools offering free breakfasts and lunches through “grab and go” can be found here, along with available times.

The D6 Express!  We’re back on the road beginning September 8
The D6 Express is back with meals, materials and fun!  Please check out the new D6 Express routes where you can grab a meal, turn in materials or pick up items you’ve requested from your school.

Sams Valley Elementary will provide space and internet for secondary students
Living the serene life in the country sometimes means no access to internet.  If you don’t have access to the internet for remote learning, please contact your child’s school for assistance; we can provide technical help, technology, hot-spots and other services to assure that you can get on-line.   Sams Valley Elementary is providing limited on-site instruction for elementary kids in the mornings and a safe, supported space for secondary kids in the afternoon.  Please contact your child’s school for more information.

Need help with a neighborhood micro-school?
Neighborhood micro-schools are organized and supervised by parents.  It’s a great way for like-minded parents to work together so that students can engage together in the comprehensive distance learning provided by D6 schools, parents can share supervision and kids can continue to develop social skills while having some fun.  Once you’ve formed a neighborhood micro-school, contact one of our micro-school gurus for resources, consultation and anything else that will make your neighborhood micro-school a success!  Kim Bennett (kim.bennett@district6.org) and Amanda Davenport (amanda.davenport@district6.org) can help.

***Please note that parents are responsible for organizing and supervising their neighborhood micro-schools.  D6 does not go into individual homes to background check parents or evaluate those homes for safety.  As much as we’d like to help match up interested families, we do not want to give the impression that we’ve “vetted” an individual or a group.  Please apply the same vigilance and caution you would before sending your child into any private home.  If you are interested in a micro-school that has been “vetted” by D6, consider one of our community micro-schools—the YMCA or Kid-Time.

Resource list, by school, for technical help, questions, or anything else you might need
Please use this link to access the contact information for D6 Connected 2.0 help in each school.


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