D6 Connected – Engaging, Educating and Connecting our Students and Community

What is “D6 Connected”?

D6 connected is The Central Point School District’s plan to continue educating our students, serving our community and connecting our schools during this unprecedented shut down due to the novel Covid-19 virus.

These are unique and challenging times and we will harness the power of our entire community to keep educating and serving Central Point, Gold Hill and Sams Valley students and families.

Our plan is to provide a comprehensive, well rounded and varied distance learning program that challenges, educates, supports and connects our students  through direct connections to their teacher, their school, their peers and their community.

When will the District launch “D6 Connected”?

April 1, 2020.  The D6 Connected Express (see below) will begin serving meals and delivering equipment, materials and other items beginning March 30, 2020.  Teachers may also be sending “test activities” to students to be sure that platforms work as intended, before April 1st.  

How will D6 Connected continue to educate D6 Students?

The heart of D6 Connected is to give every D6 student access to meaningful and engaging remote learning that keeps them connected to their teachers, their school and their peers developed over the past weeks with input from administrators, parents, students, principals, teachers, classified staff, outside experts on distance learning and community members. 

The feedback we received was clear: as much as possible,  keep the connections between the students and their teachers/staff/schools.  So we designed a program to do just that.

What type of learning will occur with D6 connected?

The  D6 Connected distance learning program will include on-line learning, projects and activities that are aligned to grade level and subject matter Oregon state content standards, and meet the needs of diverse learners.  Students will be able to access some content “live” and other content on their own schedule.  Students will have opportunities to complete projects “off line” with real materials and engage in physically active instruction.  All instruction will be designed by and delivered by your child’s regular teacher. TAG, English Language Learners and Special Education students will continue to receive supplemental services.   The D6 Connected Express will provide opportunities for students to receive materials or send items to their teachers–the Express includes 60 different stops every school day and can deliver the items your child needs or wants faster than Amazon prime.  We are currently working to provide the computer equipment needed for every student to access the digital coursework, but in the event that digital learning is not possible in your home, we can provide “thumb drives” and chromebooks and  provide “hard copy” materials.

Will these classes and programs be graded?   If so, how?

Yes. Students will submit assignments and projects to their teacher (or teachers) digitally and sometimes via hard copy through the D6 Connected ExpressStudents may also complete assessments digitally and participate in class activities and discussions. 

Will High School students continue to acquire credits towards graduation through the D6 Connected Program?

District 6 high school students will acquire credits toward graduation.  Every student who was “on track” to graduate on March 12, will be “on-track” to graduate on April 1, when they connect with their teachers on-line.  Seniors who had a path to graduation, that included making up credits, will be able to complete that path and graduate on the date previously planned. 

 How will the District manage the D6 Connected program?

Think of D6 Connected as a wheel with the comprehensive distance learning program in the middle with 6 spokes supporting it.  

There 6 major components or “spokes” to support this distance learning program:

Single point of contact for EVERY student

        • Tech Support for Students, Staff and Parents
        • Academic support for students with special needs, including social-emotional learning.
        • Counseling and advising for Elementary and Secondary Levels
        • D6 Connected Express
        • Curriculum development and instruction by D6 teachers—our students will continue the school year with their current teachers, support staff and peers.

What does “single point of contact for EVERY student” mean?

D6 Connected will include  a single point of contact at the school the student attends for them or their family to contact should they have questions or concerns.   At the elementary level this will be a teacher and at the secondary it may be an assigned “home room” teacher or advisor. Your child’s “single point of contact” can connect your child to everything from virtual or phone counseling and advising to checking out a library book. 

Will my child be able to connect directly with our teacher/our principal?

Yes, while we will encourage all families and students to work through their point of contact all of our teachers and principals will also be available should problems or concerns arrive. 

How will the district support Students, Staff and Parents with technology? 

D6 connected includes a District 6 Connected “Helpline” (phone and email) along with a “helpline” (phone and email) at each school site.  Each school site has a designated “student and parent tech support” person who can help you or your student navigate the technology. The tech support person will also be able to send you needed equipment or materials “overnight” through the D6 Connected Express. 

What type of academic support for students with special needs, Social Emotional Learning  or English Language Learners will be provided?

  • Virtual or phone meetings with teachers or educational assistants   will be coordinated by an educational assistant or secretary after referral from teacher or single point of contact.  Your child will work directly with the staff members he or she is familiar with.
  • For special education students will work with their case manager and have specially designed instruction and supports delivered virtually, via phone or hard copy lessons.  Special Education assistants will also be available for one-on-one support via phone or online. Finally, any needed materials or equipment can be delivered to you at one of the 60 daily stops by the D6 Connected Express.  
  • Speech/Language and school psychologist services will be provided through an on-line platform or via phone and coordinated through your child’s case manager.
  • English Language Learners will receive support services and English Language Development from the ELL teacher or aide who currently provides their support.  The Bi-lingual parent and community liaisons will also be available tor provide translation for Spanish speaking families.

How can we access counseling for Elementary and Secondary level students?

This starts with connecting with your single point of contact who can help you connect with the appropriate resource.  Then virtual or phone meetings with counselors will be coordinated by an educational assistant or secretary after referral from teacher or single point of contact.

What is the “D6 Express”, what will it provide? 

We are using our idled school buses to deliver a wide variety of resources to our families who might not otherwise be able to access school sites or do not have the materials/tools to engage in distance learning. The D6 Express will  provide: 

  • Daily bus routes to serve meals at 60 different stops
  • Deliver equipment, library books, project kits, assignments/resources and supplies
  • Drop off and pick up assignments and materials.
  • Utilizing 60 different stops not only assures that there is one near you, it also allows us to maintain appropriate health and safety measures, including “social distancing.”

What is the D6 EXPRESS Schedule?  Which stops are included?

The D6 Connected EXPRESS includes 60 stops and the stops can be accessed here: D6 Connected Express bus stops.  The Spanish language version of D6 Connected Express is herePlease note that social distancing guidelines will be in place at all D6 Connected Express stops.

Where can I get more information or get updates?

For district-wide information about the D6 Connected please continue to visit  www.d6connected.district6.org our district website District6.org and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at: Central Point School District 6   For program specific information please visit your children’s school site for the latest. 

If I have a specific question or need, who should I ask?

 There will also be email and phone help at every school:

You can also contact our district wide email “helpline” do.d6connected@district6.org or the Spanish language help email at do-espanol.d6connected@district6.org

What about school meals, will they still be available?

School meals, including breakfast and lunch will continue to be available through the closure, as part of the D6 Connected program we have developed additional ways for you to access those meals.  Beginning April 1, Crater High School will be added as a “grab and go” meal site, along with existing grab and go sites at Jewett Elementary, Central Point Elementary and Patrick Elementary. We’ll also expand from our five remote “grab and go” sites to 60 different stops, via the D6 Connected Express  The meal sites and times are available here.  The D6 Connected Express stops and times are available here.  Beginning April 1, breakfast and lunch, will be at Patrick, Central Point Elementary and Jewett Elementary from 8:00 – 8:30 and 11:45 – 12:45 and Crater (new site) 7:30 –  9:00 and 11:45 – 12:45

What about Seniors who were on track to graduate this year?

The Oregon Department of Education has not yet released guidance for seniors, but because D6 Connected is a comprehensive distance learning program, graduating seniors will be able  to complete their coursework and earn a diploma. I want to assure graduating seniors and their families that District 6 is dedicated to taking every action necessary to assist seniors in graduating and in being as prepared as possible for their next steps.  As soon as ODE releases any additional information for graduating seniors, it will be posted here. Every senior in District 6 will have personalized support and communication from a staff member at their school to assist in meeting graduation requirements.

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