Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What does D6 ConnectED look like each day?

Students will be assigned a classroom teacher for K-5 and courses for 6-8 with different teachers.

Students will have a minimum of an hour a week of live instruction in each core subject area.  They will receive online instruction using Pearson.  There will be socio-emotional components, materials/resources for families, and suggested daily schedules for families.

Instruction and learning are both live and recorded. The recordings are accessible through Pearson.

Students work virtually in small and large groups and will have the opportunity to work at their own pace.

Kids will learn the same standards from certified teachers as their classmates who choose in-person learning.

D6 ConnectED offers a variety of core and elective classes at all K-8 grade levels.

Will my child be on the computer all day?

No, the amount of computer time will depend on the child’s age, but there is time for online learning activities as well as applied learning and breaks.

Understanding connections are critical, we connect with students in a variety of ways through email, phone, live TEAMS sessions, and social activities such as field trips, sports, and hands-on learning opportunities.

What if my child has a question or needs help?

Teachers will have daily office hours and be available for one on one or small group tutoring on a regular basis to students who need additional support.

Will I need to be with my child while they learn?

It depends on the child and their age. Younger children may need more hands-on support than older kids.

What’s the difference between D6 ConnectED and Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)?

Last year (2020-21) our schools opened and operated in a comprehensive distance learning environment. This was always meant to be short-term, and students were returned to in-person learning as soon as conditions allowed.

D6 ConnectED is intended to be more long-term, for families that want a consistent virtual experience to meet their family’s and/or their student’s individual needs. Teachers will be accessible just as in-person D6 teachers are, and families will be asked to commit to D6 ConnectEd for a minimum of a grading term.

Is the schedule flexible?

Yes! The schedule will be consistent each week. If a student is unable to attend at a scheduled time, recordings are available for students to view independently. 

Our schedule is built to allow for learning to continue with a reduced screen time. It also allows students to complete work at their own pace.

Will students be able to interact online?

Yes, during the TEAMS sessions students will be able to engage together in the lesson.

Who will teach my student?

D6 ConnectED will be staffed by D6 teachers who will receive training specifically designed for continuous online teaching and learning. The teachers will be from multiple schools in our district based on enrollment. Depending on a child’s needs, our teachers can tailor our curriculum.

What counts as daily attendance?
  • Attending and participating in a live class session
  • Asking for and receiving substantial feedback on an assignment
  • Submission of assignments
  • Two-way communication via email
  • Two-way communication via phone call
  • Completion of work in Pearson
What if my child misses a class?

If a student misses a class, a recording will be available for the student to view. Their teacher will be available for questions after the recording is viewed during office hours and/or by email.

Do I have to enroll at D6 ConnectED if my child is quarantined or if there is an outbreak at my school?

No, you do not need to enroll at D6 ConnectED. In the event that your in-person school experiences an outbreak or a quarantine, your school and the in-person classroom teacher will work closely together with your family to create a plan for that short time. 

How do I register for D6 ConnectED?

Please contact your neighborhood school and request to enroll in D6 ConnectED.

Will the courses students take be similar to their home school?

Yes, our standards-based Pearson curriculum is aligned to both the grade level standards and the curriculum used in our in-person schools. Students will also be included in communication and extracurricular opportunities from their home school.

What are my (parent/guardian) responsibilities as a Learning Coach?
  • Check email daily, and grades/progress weekly
  • Assist student in creating a daily routine and organization system
  • Ensure the student has all necessary materials
What about ELD and SpEd?

Students who receive special education services or ELD services may access services from appropriately licensed staff members at this time at one of our district’s traditional schools or virtually.  Please contact your neighborhood schools’ principal to discuss options based on your student’s needs and grade level.

Students with an IEP receiving Special Education services that are interested in an online education can work with their case manager on a case-by-case basis to determine if D6 ConnectED is an appropriate placement before enrolling. 

Will my student need school supplies?

Students will need:

  • Appropriate technology (computer, headphones, mouse – school will provide if needed)
  • Paper
  • Pencils or pens
  • Crayons or colored pencils or markers for projects
  • Anything needed that would assist with staying organized
What if we do not have internet access?

During registration, notify the staff and we will direct you on how to obtain a hot spot.

Will the school provide a computer if needed?

Yes, the district will provide students with a Chromebook, if needed. Chromebooks from your CDL program will work. Students can also use a personal device. 

What technology is required?
  • Computer (Laptop, Desktop, Chrome Book)
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access 
Does D6 ConnectED have a dual language / TWI program available?

At this time D6 ConnectED does not have a dual-language / TWI program available. 

Can my student participate in sports, band, orchestra, speech and debate, leadership, or electives courses?

YES! We partner with our D6 schools for students to participate in a variety of ways. Please know that classes and activities will be in-person classes not online through the school they would have normally attended.

For elective classes, please contact your neighborhood school; they will help determine if there is current availability for your student.

What do I do if I need to transition back to my neighborhood school for in person instruction?

We ask for a commitment to D6 ConnectEd for a minimum of a grading term. If at that time online learning has not been a good fit for your student, we will support their transition back into the traditional, in-person classroom. 

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