D6 Senior Information

Welcome D6 Seniors to the D6 Connected information page made specifically for you. This is a challenging time for so many and the class of 2020 has proven to be adaptable and resiliant. We are so proud of each and every one of you and can’t wait to celebrate everything you have accomplished.

Crater Graduation 2020–Information from Crater Principals

Dear Crater Seniors and Families,

Congratulations class of 2020!  We are less than a month away from your graduation, and we’re excited to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions you have made throughout the years.

Lawn Signs: Beginning Friday, May 8, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

An individualized lawn sign has been designed for every senior with their photo, name, and school logo.  You might have already seen the video of them displayed on the football field! Beginning Friday, May 8th, these will be displayed on the lawn in front of the PAC for families to see and to retrieve between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. If you’re unable to get your sign at that time, you may pick them up at your school’s office beginning Monday, May 11th at 9:00 a.m.

Caps and Gowns / Graduation Pictures: May 18-22

During the week of May 18th-22nd, seniors and their families (up to 4 family members) will schedule a time to come to the Crater Campus in their cap, gown and cord to get a picture on the stage with their diploma.  These pictures will be used in the graduation ceremony on June 3rd.  The pictures will be taken by a professional photographer, and each senior will receive one complimentary photo.  Additional photos will be available for purchase through the vendor. Each small school will arrange for families to schedule times for seniors to be at Dutch Meyer Field for their photo.  Please be looking for this ParentSquare post over the next couple of days.  It is important that you are on time and follow instructions when you are here.  We are on a tight time schedule and we’re required to implement social distancing and best practices to ensure the safety of students, families, and staff.

Central Point Graduate Parade: June 3rd, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Each senior will be allowed to have one car in the parade and will need to remain in their car during this event.  Seniors need to identify a family member who will drive the vehicle in the parade so seniors can give their attention to the spectators.  Seniors will need to gather at the designated spots at 6:00 pm on June 3rd.  BIS will congregate in the Student Parking lot near the stadium and softball fields.  CAHPS will congregate off HWY 99, near the CAHPS office and science building.  CRA will congregate in the student parking lot in front of the PAC.  The parade will end at 7:30 pm to ensure all families have time to get home to watch the graduation ceremony.  If any senior/family is having difficulty accessing a vehicle for the parade, please reach out to your main office–we have options for you.

Graduation Ceremony:  Wednesday, June 3rd, 8:00 pm

At 8:00 pm on June 3rd, the graduation ceremony will begin.  This will include a live broadcast from Dutch Meyer Field at Crater Campus.  The ceremony will open with live speeches from the superintendent, principals, school board representative, and our valedictorians–the audience and graduates will watch this ceremony from home.  After the live portion of the ceremony, there will be a slide show featuring a picture of each senior in their cap and gown on the stage.  This slide show will last approximately 35 minutes.  If any family does not have reliable internet connectivity or a device to watch it on, please notify your main office so we can find a way to ensure you get to watch the ceremony.  The ceremony will be broadcast on Table Rock Sports.  Your diploma will be mailed home on Thursday, June 4th.

We are so excited to be celebrating the Crater Class of 2020!  If you have any questions, contact your school’s main office.

2020 High School Seniors’ Path to Graduation

On April 8, 2020, the Oregon Department of Education released official guidance detailing how Oregon’s high school seniors can earn their final high school credits and graduate on-time.  Along with all public schools in Oregon, District 6 is required to follow the guidance released yesterday.   

 The official guidance directed the following:

  1. Maintain the 24- credit requirement for the Oregon Diploma, honoring high standards for learning and achievement.
  2. Award a diploma if a senior was on track to graduate prior to the closure.  
  3. For students who were not on track to graduate at time of closure – ensure opportunity for seniors to earn credit for course work or learning they have engaged with since the school closure.
  4. Assign seniors Pass/Incomplete for all courses impacted by school closure.  A senior who had a D, C, B, or A in their course at the time of school closure would be awarded a “Pass” status for the course and receive credits toward graduation.  If a student was failing a course prior to closure they would receive an “Incomplete” for the current term and receive targeted supports in their graduation plan to help them pass the course and receive a diploma.

What does this mean for Central Point School District seniors and their families?

  1.  We Will Follow State Guidelines: District 6, along with all public schools in Oregon, is required to follow guidance from the Oregon Department of Education.  We will also continue to work with ODE to advocate for our students and families when unique situations arise.
  2. Single Point of Contact: We have assigned every senior to a staff member who will work with their assigned students and families to make sure every question or concern is answered.  Seniors will also meet individually with their SSC or principal to discuss the best path for their individual needs.
  3. Education Continues:  We want to assure all students and their families that comprehensive distance learning education will continue through the end of the school year and will allow for students to receive full content, college credit options and preparation for college and career.
  4. Finding Solutions:  We recognize that some of our seniors are in situations where the need for graded work is crucial to their future, including scholarships, NCAA eligibility, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and preparation for college.  We will work with every senior to assure that requirements for all of these situations are met.

Diploma paths for District 6 seniors:

Seniors who were “on -track” to graduate prior to the closure:

Seniors who were on track to graduate on March 13th and had passing grades in their courses during either the previous trimester (BIS and CAHPS) or the current semester (Renaissance) will be awarded a “Pass” status for their current (3rd trimester or 2nd semester) required courses to earn their final credits for graduation.  Seniors in this category may choose to continue in distance learning courses (including options for college credit) for additional content in preparation for post-secondary and skilled trades or may choose to go immediately into the work-force or military.

Seniors who need additional credits for a diploma:

Seniors who needed additional credits prior to March 13th or who were not passing their courses during the previous trimester (BIS and CAHPS) or semester (Renaissance) will receive targeted supports through distance learning to assure that they earn the credits required to earn a diploma with their class of 2020.

Seniors who are college bound, need to meet NCAA standards, have AP courses, dual credit courses or other special circumstances:

Seniors who need to meet requirements for higher education, the NCAA, dual credit or Advanced Placement will be able to complete their coursework and meet the requirements for college entrance, the NCAA, AP or other programs.  Students in this circumstance will continue their distance learning and will have transcripts and a diploma that document and recognize their continued learning and accomplishments.

What about students in grades 9- 11?

The April 8th directive from ODE does not include guidance for grades 9-11 and the guidance does not allow for students other than seniors to use the prescribed pathways to a diploma.  District 6 will continue to provide comprehensive distance learning classes for EVERY student in grades 9-11. These classes allow students to progress academically and earn credits toward graduation with their regular teachers.  Students will be challenged with new content and supported with a range of services including academic support, technology support, counseling and advising, special education supports, English language learner supports or any other resources our students and families need to be successful.

What about events?

We recognize how important some of our cherished traditions are here in District 6.  The graduation ceremony, prom, awards nights and other traditions are memorable events that all of our students and families look forward to.   At this time, we have not made any decision to cancel scheduled celebrations of our amazing seniors but will await further guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and the Governor as to when/if rules for Stay Safe/Stay Home orders will be relaxed to permit these types of events.   We are also developing back up plans that will allow for these events and celebrations to occur in a way that meets the Stay Safe/Stay Home order. 

Where can I learn more?

The Central Point School District launched D6 Connected on April 1st, along with a website dedicated to our response to the closure of the district schools due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Please visit: https://d6connected.district6.org/ for update and more information.  You are also always welcome to contact me directly at: samantha.steele@district6.org or 541-494-6201 (office) or 541-840-5644 (cell).

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