D6 Connected Express

District 6 has created a new program,  D6 Connected EXPRESS. Our buses will be delivering meals and other items to students via the D6 Connected Express routes While the Express does not go door to door, you’ll find over 60 stops throughout the district and there is likely one near you. In conjunction with D6 Connected your student will be able to have items like library books or supplies and materials delivered to the bus stops.  Please note that social distancing mandates will be in place at all stops—students and parents will be asked to maintain at least 6 feet from one another and D6 staff during the distribution of meals and other items.   D6 Connected Express stops can be found at the links below in both English and Spanish.

D6 Express Bus Stop - EnglishD6 Express Bus Stop - Spanish

D6 Express Bus Routes

Below is a map of the D6 Express Routes. You can bring up a menu of all of the routes by clicking on the image in the top left hand corner. This will show all of the bus routes color coded to the arrows within the map. If you click on all items below the route it will list the stops and you can click on each one to get the specific location of the stop and the times the buses will be stopping there. You can also just click on one of the arrows within the map to get the specific information about that stop.

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